Water Filters, Stoves, and Nerves

April 19, 2010

Note: I wrote this yesterday, but didn’t post it until today… Final post before leaving will be coming soon!

I’m leaving for San Diego in 2 days!  Two Days! Today I finished moving out of my house, at least my things.  Mostly now I’m transferring them to my resupplier extraordinaire.  Everything that I could possibly need, and probably am not going to need, I have at the ready.

It has kind of been a pain in these last few days in that if I have an issue I need to address it immediately.  Case in point, my water filter!  My trusty Katadyn Hiker Pro kicked the bucket after 10+ years of excellent filtering capabilities.  This filter predated my hiking probably, I’m not really sure though I “borrowed” it from my dad.  Anyway, rather than try to repair the faulty connector only to have it break during some catastrophic time on the trail where there is going to be a trough for horses filled with dead rats, I have decided that I would get a new one.

Another thing, I didn’t perfect the fine features of my stove until a few days ago.  Since I didn’t know if I was going to be really hiking the PCT until 1.5 weeks ago I had only half-heartedly played with building alcohol stoves.  Some of models worked sometimes, other times not so much.  In the sun it is impossible to see the blue flames coming out of the stove to know if it is working, you just have to listen.  This was worrisome, so I abandoned that design and went with a simpler, less efficient, but more reliable version.  Hopefully it works, it has not been tested much.  It should be good though.

So hopefully other issues will not continue to crop up.


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