110 Miles

April 29, 2010

Well I’ve made it to Warner Springs Resort!  110 miles in!  Exciting.  So far so good basically.  Lots has happened, where to start…

I stuck around at the kickoff, met some great great people.  The hike in from the border was cold and rainy, but trail magic from trail hikers, Guthook and Kentucky Blue took my cold butt into town to nurish with some soup.  The rest of the kickoff was uneventful and warm.

Set out on Sunday solo.  Hiked 19ish miles to around Mt. Laguna.  Camped with some great people: Ann, Wolf Taffy, Shamus, Ryan and Sam.  Ukelele playing ensued about the girl both Shamus and Wolf Taffy dated.  Crazy universe collision there.

What else… Hiked the next day to Sunrise highway for 20 miles.  Hiked the day after that 18 miles to Scissors Crossing, where at miles 77. something miles there was still very active border patrol on microphones at 4:30 in the am.  Woke that day around then and hiked to third gate cache (where there is a water supply brought in by a miraculous soul).  Took a nap there, hiked in there with Guthook, who is faster, but we ended in the same place at the same time.  Finished that day at Barrel Springs with crazy trail magic.  People in RVs from San Diego had chili, hot dogs, hot chocolate, brownies, beer, crazy good things, it was a very welcome sight after a 23 mile day. 

Then hiked in to Warner Springs today with Guthook, Neon, Shameus, Wolf Taffy in a room.  There are hot springs here too, I’m about to check them out.  I don’t think they will hold a candle to the boiling river. We will see though. 

The weather has been mostly good, windy the other day, reminded me of Patagonia.  This time I did it solo though, but felt prepared.  Have met some great, great people.  I’m excited and overwhelmed by the trail, but I think that is probably about how it is supposed to be.

Snow ahead!

Miss all you guys. Thank for all of your comments, they are encouraging to read!


3 Responses to “110 Miles”

  1. liz t said

    yea Kerry! it sounds like a wonderful trip so far. be careful my dear. we will be following you the whole way!
    liz and brian

  2. andrew said

    unless you acquire a trail name shortly, I’m disinterested. also, you’re curtains in the office are going away soon. I think john might like them too much…

  3. Maureen McKeon said

    Hey Kerry, sounds like you are having a blast! So glad you are letting us know of your travels. I’m in awe of the miles you put in each day. Keep on truckin’ and stay safe.
    Love ya,
    Maureen and Jim

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