Idyllwild, 179 miles

May 4, 2010

I’m hanging out in the lovely town that is Idyllwild, CA.  Been a good last few days.  Lots of trail magic so far, including some detrimental, yet still appreciated burritos.  The hiking has been an interesting mix of desert and mountains.  The desert part has been hot.  Even the desert divide has been hot, yet there has been snow too.  Yesterday was a crazy day with snow, some off trail excitement, some sketch traverses, etc.  It took quite awhile to accomplish our supposed to be short 16 mile day, which was probably more of a 20 something mile day, nobody knows for sure.  The snow was gorgeous though and it was crazy to round a corner with snow and then see a bunch of lizards running around.  The San Jacintos are lovely.

Also of note, first successful hitch of the trip yesterday as well, which very lucky.  I was dreading walking into town late at night after the snow, my feet where aching and wet and cold, so I threw my thumb out and a pickup picked us up, yes!  The road ended at the trailhead so the chances where slim, but a super Scottish couple let us ride in their truck bed into town.  We ate some great pizza and crashed at the campground, long day.  

Since Andrew asked, I don’t yet have a trail name, names that have been proposed that I have declined: feminine mystique, which I don’t really know where that came from, also Crazy Lips because of my Burts Bees chapstick, BMW standing for bodacious mountain woman.  I have not taken any of these, it is still early though, so there Andrew.

Today is a zero and I’m stocking up for the next section to Big Bear.  Should be good, hopefully.  

Thanks for the comments and for reading!


4 Responses to “Idyllwild, 179 miles”

  1. Kentucky blue said

    Congrats on making it to Idyllwild! That’s great. sorry to hear about the detrimental burrito, I can only imagine!!

  2. Hi Kerry — we are all excited to be hearing
    about your venture! Keep us posted as to your
    climate experiences and towns you are in — we
    will track in 5th grade at school! Do you have latitude and longitude points?
    You are in our prayers and thoughts. Have fun!
    — keep a journal —–
    Aunt Cathy and Uncle Lou

  3. Katy Green said

    Hey Kerry! Love to read all about your hike – I still can’t believe you are doing this – but how amazing! Look forward to reading more soon!

    Good luck!

  4. Conor said

    Great work on the hitch. As for the trail names, I like BMW but they could get better…

    Keep it up, dude!

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