Big Bear City/Lake, Going Solo

May 10, 2010

Currently in Big Bear Lake, 265.5 miles in.  The past few days have been great, great!  This journey has certainly been very physically challenging, but even more challenging has been the mental and emotional aspect of it. 

Going solo has been an adjustment for sure, but I feel as if in this last stretch that I am finally starting to get it down.  Granted the longest stretch without people has been about 5 hours, and I have yet to camp solo, but there were definitely aspects of this journey that as a solo venturer I was nervous about.  There are certainly pros/cons to traveling solo.  Being the sole one responsible for me is sort of daunting, but there are always people around even if it feels like there isn’t.  A pro is that I get to do what I want when I want to, and there is always the same amount of work for me to do.  There is only me to consider.  Sometimes planning the day by myself is tough, but I’m getting better at it.  The good side is that I can do whatever my body feels like doing for the day.  The reality of the trail though is that there are a lot of people around and it is fun to hike with a variety of people and not be committed to one.  More about people and the hiking community in the next post.

In terms of the past few days.  I really missed my original group coming out of Idyllwild.  I road walked around Fuller Ridge, which I know was the right decision because there are only hairy stories that have come out of people that have done that section.  Most people said ice axes and crampons were necessary.  I’m not really going to go into all that, but I walked around that section.  I experienced enough snow in the Saddle Junction area and although I’m sure I would have made it through, I probably wasn’t quite ready for that experience so early on mentally.  Anyway, we came down, down, down from the mountains to the Table Mesa Wind Farm.  I started hiking with Crow Dog, who is much faster than me, but we got along real well so we hiked together for much of the next section.  It got hot as we climbed out of the wind farm and ran into prisoners doing trail work and asked them about this Whitewater Creek we were supposed to be coming to, they said it was a big river.  We carried on with the thought of jumping into the river at the end of the hot day.  When we finally got there after hot, hot we jumped in and it changed the day, it was superb.  Then we camped right next to the water. The next day we climbed to 8500 feet and it was a cold night.  I was nervous about the snow coming into Big Bear and was cold that night so when Crow Dog asked if I wanted to leave at 5am I just got up and started walking.  The change from cold/hot/cold/hot has been often.    The snow in that next section was not so bad so I exchanged cameras with Crow Dog and we made it look extreme and took lots of pictures.  Finally some pictures with me in it, those will be coming eventually. 

I got into Big Bear yesterday morning, ate breakfast at Thelmas and decided to zero (not hike at all) today.  I’m pretty excited and my body definitely needed a break even though I’m itching to hike again.  I’m really getting into this hiking thing.  Hiking for 10 hours a day is becoming normal and fun.  Everyday is a journey and it is so beautiful out here. 

Miss you all and thanks for all of the comments, I love reading them.


One Response to “Big Bear City/Lake, Going Solo”

  1. MOM said

    You certainly are having an exciting time! We think of you often and follow your trail. We’re making cookies soon to send your way! When will some pictures be posted?
    Be safe!

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