D is for Detour

May 20, 2010

I am in Agua Dulce, CA at mile 454.  We covered this section quick, quick because mostly it was a reroute around the Station Fire, which included pretty much all of the Angeles National Forest.  The road walk was rough especially because I pulled out my shoe liners to make my shoes bigger, but I hiked it with 5 other people and it made me that much happier to be on trails.  It was nice to hike along the road in a group, it would have been terrible alone.  We were also so lucky to get 2 cool days to do the road walk, as opposed to yesterday, when we finally hit the trail it was really hot.  That part was especially nice.  We also met some great people along the detour.  The old farmer at Blum Ranch was so interesting to talk to.  We ended up sitting around drinking sodas while he told us stories for over an hour.  It was really great.  Their ranch that has peaches, pears, plums, lilacs, honey, and walnuts was gorgeous and has been around since 1891!  We also met a family that took us in so we didn’t have to sleep by the side of the road, very nice!  I got caught up on the Biggest Loser, as they had a daughter around my age.

I had an amazing time in Wrightwood.  Guthook, Crow Dog, and I had some superb trail magic.  We stayed with a great couple who took us in and fed us and filled us up with homebrew too.  We also got to lounge around in their hot tub and hang out with their dog Clancy.  Then we moved to Susan and Ray’s and I got to play with their adorable 2 year old baby Logan.  Cute, cute! 

We hit the trail and have been pulling big days up to 25 miles in order to make it to Agua Dulce.  There are tons of hikers here at the Saufleys.  Some people have hitched around the detour and such, people are doing all sorts of crazy things this year.  Last night we enjoyed a great dinner at the Sweetwater Cafe and stayed for a long time.  The Croatian Sensation was good friends with one of the guys there from incidents in years past so we all got a round of shots. 

Off to Breakfast!


2 Responses to “D is for Detour”

  1. Dad said

    Great picture on Facebook. Equipment looks good, and as I said, your planning has changed the way I think about long distance.Looking forward to seeing YOUR pictures and seeing you in Yosemite. You go girl.

  2. Adam said

    Ray and Susan are awesome!! I stayed with them in Wrightwood. Keep enjoying the trail!!

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