Vortex of Casa de Luna

May 22, 2010

I’m at the Casa de Luna or the Anderson’s taking a real zero, zero.  This past week has been very chill.  Soon we will be in the grasps of the desert and then after that the Sierra, so I suppose it is okay.  We trekked 24 miles to get here and then decided to take one more day.  The weather has been nice, coolish by desert standard, so far, so good.  Yesterday I saw 2 more rattlers, bringing the total to 5.  Yesterday one large one wouldn’t really move.  It wasn’t really scary, I just didn’t want him to bite me.  He slithered off after a couple of minutes, they are neat looking animals.

I love the vibe of Casa de Luna, the only requirement is to sign the banner and wear a Hawaiian shirt.  We have been eating taco salads and pancakes and hot dogs.  It is very nice. I spent the day reading Roald Dahl’s The BFG and napping.  It is pretty quiet here today.

The Sierra have been on everyone’s mind and although it looks like there is a lot of snow, we are going to give it a whirl. With our iceaxes raised we will run into the Sierra.  It will probably be slow going, but I think we will make it.

Not too much else is going on.  I’m looking forward to the next parts of the trail and while the plush life has been nice, it will be fantastic to get back out and hike, hike, hike.


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