May 24, 2010

Team Roadwalk has been reunited, mostly.  Things have been going well.  Back to the 10 miles by 10 am schedule.  I have discovered that coffee makes me go fast, especially raw.  Thus far, Crow Dog has suggested just eating Emergen-C raw and then chasing with water, not a terrible idea.  It is kind of fun for the stuff to snap and crackle.  I don’t particularly enjoy Emergen-C either so it gets the vitamins overwith.  Today I tried instant coffee raw, gross!  That stuff does not go down easily.  This morning when I was hiking alone in the freezing weather (I thought we were supposed to be in the desert!), I looked down at my watch and noticed I was going 2 miles/hr, slow!  Yesterday we were practically doing 4 mph, thanks to coffee and pancakes.  Now I need to get coffee or tea. 

Also today I saw a baby black bear! Cute!  No mom in sight. 

I also ran through stinging nettles today trying to get water that clogged the filter.  Gross!  It had tadpoles.  Then Charlie swang by saying, yo there is a creek up ahead.  It had been all for naught.  Then Moleman came by and rescued me from the stinging nettles with his trekking pole.  Thanks Moleman.  He is also charging my battery, thanks Moleman. 

Tonight we try night hiking!  Hurrah!  Everyday out here feels very full, productive, challenging, and eventful.  Really enjoying the life on the trail.


One Response to “Cold!”

  1. Maureen said

    Kerry, I so love reading your blogs…makes me jealous. I’m so glad you have this opportunity and are enjoying it so much. It sounds like you’ve made some wonderful connections and that the hiking community provides a great support system. We miss you lots!

    Maureen and Jim

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