Sierra, Part 3!?

June 29, 2010

I think we were technically out of the Sierra after Tuolumne, but I’m not sure, but it still definitely felt like it. We left Tuolumne after taking a ‘zero’ in the valley, which was more like running around like crazy amongst a million tourists, and we had nice hiking for some miles and then… SNOW! Again! We were trying to pull bigger miles as Crow Dog is heading off to a wedding soon. We did 25 long miles the first day and ended right before Benson Pass. We spent the night in the cold snow. The next day was crazy so it deserves a new paragraph.

We hiked up, down, and all around. We hiked through narrow canyons with snow down to the river. We forded rivers like pros and more times than necessary. We raced down waterfall chutes. I felt like we were in an action movie jumping up on snow banks and between trees. At one point we crossed a river on a tree that didn’t even make it to the other side so we kind of had to straddle it the whole time. It made for some good pictures. We ended the day by looking at a PCT marker on one side of a big river and a PCT marker on the other side of the river and laughing, not going to happen that night. We also met up with Bojangles who was leaving amazing prints for us, but they ended then.

The next day we had to ford the river. We walked up the river on the wrong side for awhile looking for a good place to ford. We attempted the ford twice. Then another river came into the river that was just as big. So we had to ford! Crow Dog suggested swimming, Lakewood suggested his neoair thermarest, which is like a raft. He blew it up and floated across at 6 am in the cold. I did not think it was a good idea, but what choice was there really? So I packed up and shrieked my way across the whole darned thing and got really cold. That day we took a kazillion breaks. We were exhausted. The day warmed up pretty good and we weren’t cold for long.

We ended up heading into Bridgeport for some extra food and half a day of rest. The next few days were not totally filled with snow and quite pleasant. Crow Dog took off to make some bigger miles and Lakewood kept me company as we navigated through the snow. It was overall good. We only got lost big time right before town, which was mostly due to the trees. Not a huge deal, just a loss of time and frustrating to be so close to town, but not able to get there quickly.

Now I’m taking a few days to relax and hang out with Justin in South Lake Tahoe before we tackle the next section, which will probably have more of this delightful white stuff. I’m excited to be out of it, hopefully soon!

And I finally have a trail name, which happened awhile ago but didn’t post about it. Since I shriek everytime I fall or posthole or am distressed I am named Beaker after the muppet that shrieks. So there is that.


One Response to “Sierra, Part 3!?”

  1. Jamie Barr said

    Kerry I love that name I totally remember that cartoon and can see where they get it.

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