Truckee, CA 1155.8 miles, snow part million

July 4, 2010

After two glorious double zeros in Tahoe we ventured out for Truckee. The beginning of the hike was spectacular. Justin and I went by lake after unfrozen lake. It was wonderous to see water and not ice. We pulled 12 miles that afternoon. That day we also saw a mama and baby cub. It was pretty neat to see. We camped just before Dick’s Pass. Justin said he heard a bear that night, but apparently I told him to go back to sleep. It was fine.

Dick’s Pass was snowy on the side we crossed over to, which we expected, but nothing too bad. We had some snow that day, but still pulled 20 miles. I was impressed!

The next day we hit more snow and ended up camping on the trail in the Squaw Valley Ski Resort. We got lost in the ski resort. We ended up on the wrong trail after failing to see the sign, which was down. That was somewhat frustrating. Then we continued on and had some really nice sections of trail for the afternoon.

We finished at Donner Summit that night and called into Pooh Corner, a trail angel on Donner Lake. We arrived and got situated and heard that there is more snow ahead, of course. We are all getting sick of the snow. Maybe by Oregon it will be gone?

We spent today, the fourth resupplying and watching the Truckee Parade! Exciting! I got my picture with Smokey the Bear, yes! Pooh Corner has been good and pleasant and we spent the afternoon on the dock by the lake and listening to Bob Dylan.

Tomorrow I set out with some hikers I haven’t met before Truckee, but are real nice. I’m real happy to not venture solo into the snow. This section has been really nice to do at a chill pace, I’ve felt like I’ve taken in lots of the vistas and mountains. It has been really nice to have a partner in crime this past section too and will be sad to see him off tomorrow, well he’ll see me off a little before he sets off.

I’m going to try to stay positive about the snow, but it is getting so tiring! I will miss using it as toilet paper once it is gone though, so there is something positive.


One Response to “Truckee, CA 1155.8 miles, snow part million”

  1. Mom said

    We saw the PCT special on National Geographic last night, what an adventure you’re having! Hope the snow melts fast.

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