Rain! 187 miles to go!

September 1, 2010

So here I am chilling out at the Dinsmore’s in the sun. The past few days have been very rainy and cold. Last night was probably the worst of the rain. I haven’t posted all of Washington. I guess I haven’t posted that much at all. Let me start by saying… I LOVE Washington! It is beautiful and spectacular. It is also more hilly than Oregon, but gosh is it pretty. I made the claim that I loved Washington 10 hours into hiking out of Cascade Locks, but I’m not going back on it, I love it still. It is lush and green and filled with water. It is gorgeous!

Three days ago we hit Snoqualmie, I-90, the closest I was to Bozeman on the trail. I told Crow Dog I was going to hitch for 10 minutes and see what happened, but I didn’t. That was a coolish day. We hiked out of there with clouds descending. That night we camped on a not-so-abandoned trail. A bunch of people walked around our camping get up, oh well. The next day was on and off rain, not terrible. Yesterday was rain all day long. Into the evening it rained, including while setting up camp. Everything was wet and it was pouring. That was tough. Thankfully we had town to look forward to and as we descended it got warmer and sunnier. Now it is nice out, and everything is drying off and hopefully the weather pattern will hold until we finish. Getting excited about finishing!

A more upbeat story… on Saturday morning a group of 5 people out trail running informed us that we were going to be in the middle of a 100 mile trail race, the Cascade Crest. We would have 200 runners passing us by. This also meant… aide stations! These runners were running a station at Tacoma Pass. They offered us food. We got there just after lunch and snacked on some turkey sandwiches and watermelon. Only 5 runners had passed us at that point and they were running fast! We got cheered on by the people at the station waiting for family members or friends running. Crow Dog was embarassed, I was taking it in. Why not get cheered on for walking 2350 miles? The next aide station was 7 miles on, we hiked to that, while cheering on more runners and eating huckleberries while they passed. The next station was put on by a local high school cross country team. They were great and more food. We heard that the big aide station was a mere 4 miles on, so we hiked to that. Tomato soup! Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! Candy! String cheese! What an inspirational day! The runners provided so much positive energy for our hike, it made it one of the best days of hiking yet.

Well with the end in sight I have mixed feelings, some days happy about it, some days sad. See you all on the flip side! Thanks for all your support.


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